7000 mw Computer Laser Engraver Machine

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Pick, Place, & Engrave - the new DIY plug-n-play machine to engrave whatever you want, wherever you want. This USB plug-n-play laser engraving machine features print carving with high precision and high stability. This machine supports both offline & online operation
  1. PICK an image
  2. PLACE an object
  3. ENGRAVE like a boss!


This 7000mW DIY desktop blue laser engraving machine is ideal for laser engraving usage with grayscale printing,low-light positioning, and freedom positioning functions. It only needs you to connect it to the computer, then you can print any pictures you like with your own creativity.

This brand new laser engraving machine is great for DIY engraving with higher precision and stronger stability. It's designed for a laptop with professional control software, giving you extreme portable carving experience. This mini laser engraving machine features upgraded carving precision and more practical than normal engraving machine.

- Working Area :155*175 mm
- Machine Material:ABS + Aluminium alloy
- Software: Self-developed software, easy to operate
- Laser Power : 3000mW
- Voltage: AC 110-240V
- Positioning Accuracy: 0.01mm
- The software is easy to use, free upgrades. software support windows-97/03/7/8/10
- Picture Format: JPG / GIF / BMP / DIB / ICO / CUR /PNG
- Size: 42 x45 x16 cm

Features -There is no limit to the size and height of the engraving object. You can directly put the machine on it. -The software is easy to use and can be directly read into jpg, bmp, svg, Gcode image file engraving. -New metal holder for quick laser and other peripherals, up and down adjustment of laser focus. -The new custom V-slot aluminum matching rolling bearing X24 is better and more stable. -Y-axis dual motor, using a new custom 1.3A 42 stepper motor. -The laser power is adjustable to suit a variety of materials.


Engraving Material Note: 1.can engraving materials:wood,bamboo,plastic,paper,leather,bank card,rubber,
steel, alumunium(only 7000mW)

Cutting Material: It can cut foam, paper, thin leather material.

    Package introduced: Laser Engraver , USB Disk, Power Cord, USB Cable, Stylus Pen, Goggles, User Manual, Brown Paper(for test)



    Q.1 Is the shipping free?

    A.1 Yes! Shipping is FREE on all order

    Q2. Is software included with engraver?

    A.2 YES! Software is included with every engraver

    Q.3 Which Laser Software is compatible with it?

    A.3 Benbox

    Q.4 Is it compatible with MAC

    A.4 YES! the laser works with all windows, MAC and Linux device

    Q.5 Will this do fine detailed carving?

    A.5 Yes, it can. Materials can be engraved: wood, bamboo, paper, plastics, leather, rubber, horn, sponge sheet or other flammable plastic (such as phone case, mouse, pencil, name card, wallet, plastic comb).

    Q6 Can the laser be upgraded to high model in future?

    A6 YES! If you wish to upgrade the laser power you can directly contact us and we will upgrade the laser

    Q7 Will replacement parts be available if needed?

    A7 YES! If in future you need replacement parts they are available.

    Q8 Does Laser engraver require high maintenance?

    A8 NO! It just require little bit maintenance and nothing much

    Q9 How long the machine will last?

    A9 With proper care the machine can last easily for 3-5 Years

    Q10 What is the engraving size

    A10 The engraving size is 155X175 mm

    Q11 How thick of wood can it engrave?

    A11 It can cut upto 0.5 mm of wood

    Q12 Can it cut on leather?

    A12 YES! It can cut 0.5 mm deep on leather

    Q13 Can this cut EVA form?

    A13 Yes! it can cut EVA form.

    Q14 Can this engrave on OAK?

    A14 YES, it can engrave on oak

    Q15 Can it burn on paint of aluminum?

    A15 Yes. the machine can

    Q16 Can this cut on acrylic sheets?

    A16 Yes it can cut upto 3-4 mm of acrylic sheets


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