DIY PCB CNC Router Engraving and Etching Machine

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Working area: 11.8" X 7"X 2"

Spindle: 775motor

Milling cutter : 0.2"

Software: GRBL control

ONLY 10,000mWlaser can engrave stainless steel and can cut 3cm corkboard! 

  • X/Y/Z Working Area: 11"X8" X2"; Software: 2418 GRBL Control; Support Windows XP, Win7, Win8, Linux; Power supply: 110V-240V
  • Our 3018 CNC router machine can carve wood, plastic, acrylic, PCB, PVC, soft metal like copper and aluminum, can not engrave hard metal nor jade.
  • Spindle motor: 775 spindle motor, high-speed (7000 rpm); Stepper motor: nema 17; Use specially developed engraving integrated mainboard with customized software, features are much better than similar models.
  • CNC+LASER engraving combined into one, suitable for different engraving materials.
  • Applicable materials: Metal (10,000mW laser can engrave on stainless steel ), Wood, plastics, paper, bamboo, horns, and some cortex (purse), cell phone plastic shell, rubber stamp, photosensitive chapter, sponges, paper.
  • Non-engravable materials: reflective material, a colorless transparent material, soft material. (It can not be recommended to cut plywood)

Type: CNC 

Engraving Accuracy: 0.1mm 

Platform board: Aluminum Sheet 

Print speed: 150 - 200mm/s 

Voltage: 24V 

Packing Type: unassembled packing

Main Features:

● Support our professional English design software.

● Adopt high strength threaded rod, aluminium profile frame and standard 1mm helical pitch, durable.

● Use 775 motor and 42 stepping motor.

● Print speed: 150 - 200mm/s, four times faster than general engraving machine.

● Durable and cool design, high precision and stability.

● Can be carved items included: Hardwood, plastic, bamboo, rubber, leather, cut paper and so on.

● Support Win 7, XP, Win 8, Win 10.

● Soft material can print out 3D and gradient effect.

PACKAGE INCLUDES 1 × CNC Router Machine, 10 × Mill Engraving Bits, 120 days money back warranty.

  • Summary: Plastic body with a profile, small size, lightweight, USB interface, GRBL control systems, learn to use the preferred entry. Either by inscribing, and can be carved with lasers.
  • Control Software: GrblController
  • Description: Some components and core components have been assembled, hand-assembled according to the installation instructions, you can use the rack.
  • Can use a carving knife, and also can use laser engraving.
  • Can be carved Metal (7000mW laser), Metal plastic, wood, acrylic, PVC, PCB, and similar materials.
  • All the laser modules can NOT cut plywood.
  • 10pcs cutters and 4 plates.


    Top 5 Benefits of  DIY PCB CNC Laser Engraving and Etching Machine

    Multi-Material Engraving

    Engrave on 1000s of materials


    Cut, engrave, mark and much more


    No tooling or fixtures required

    High Repeatability

    Delivers consistent quality results

    Instant Setup

    Quickly change production from one part to another

    100% Replacement Guarantee



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