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Smoke Purifier For Laser Engraver

99.97% filtration

Air purifier, a 7-layer filter element specially developed for laser cutting, can effectively filter the odor and harmful substances generated by laser cutting, with a filtration rate of 99.97%.

Environmental Friendly

Discharging the cutting waste gas directly into the atmosphere will cause more pollution, and use an air purifier to make the air fresh.

Healthy Creation

Use air purifier to say goodbye to all polluting gases: PM2.5/PM10/formaldehyde/TVOC, etc. Health is priceless, for the health of you and your family, please do a good job of safety protection.

Break through the limitations of the working environment

no longer need to worry about the laser cutting work site, use the protective cover and air purifier, no need to worry about smoke exhaust and air pollution, just in your garage, basement, workshop safe job.

Long Uselife

A single filter element can be used for about three hours a day in normal laser cutting wood, and can work continuously for 3-6 months, and the single continuous working time can reach 200H, giving you long-term and efficient protection.

Easy replacement

only three steps, no need to disassemble the circuit, and quickly replace the filter element in one minute.

Smoke PurifierSmoke PurifierSmoke PurifierSmoke PurifierSmoke PurifierSmoke PurifierSmoke Purifier



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